This is going to go for Miles and Miles

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So I am not one for New Years Resolutions, I like to set myself some goals instead. This year I have set myself the goal of running 520 miles and 1040 miles on my bike.

I found that 2020 was tough mentally and exercising when it was consistent really helped me manage it and control it. When I look back at my heights it is when I was running 4 to 5 times a week. In the warmth of the summer, there were some great days where I got to go out on my bike and ride it really reminded me that I love the free feeling I get being out on my bike.

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Why did I choose 520 miles? Well, it’s the equivalent to running 10 miles a week which for someone whose preferred distance to run is 3 miles at a time is going to push the importance of needing to be consistent. I think in these first couple of weeks I can happily run two 2 mile runs and two 3 mile runs but I am hoping that I can build that to four 3 miles by the end of Jan and then I will be easily ticking down the miles. I feel that this part is easily going to be the toughest as it is so easy to shrink away from going for a run. On the bike, if it’s raining, I can pull the turbo trainer out and stay inside.

That was one of the biggest barriers to running this winter the weather and the light. As the daylight got less I found the motivation to go out in an evening slowly drift away. Like it is for all of us I found it really difficult to finish my full-time job and think about leaving the house to go running in the evening. I realise know I was thinking about it all wrong. It is being stuck in the old school office mentality. Now we permanently work at home the way we work has changed the way we use our flexi-time should too. What I mean now is it is easier than ever to start work earlier and finish later. Especially if your mentality is like mine and you keep working until you get the job done. Now I am extremely flexible to work and it is a two-way street, so if there is an appropriate time for me to run in what is perceived as the standard workday I should take it, as long as by the end of the day my employer gets the same quality and amount of time that I am contracted for then what does it matter what shape that takes over the day.

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I heard on the radio just the other day that there is research that has found that the style above should be encouraged as it increases productivity as the change in activity can move the complex thought to the subconscious part of your brain and then have your eureka moment when you are doing the other activity. The Well Being Thesis

I am of course going to double-check it ok to do this with my colleges but seeing as they liked my Strava run where I suggested it, I think it's going to be ok. I know that I will be much more refreshed

The cycling I just doubled the amount of running, I think this will be much more manageable as it is really easy to cruise around for 20 miles in one go. I have to say the gift of the smart trainer has also made inside training extremely enjoyable. Zwifting my way to my goals Is not something I am afraid of. In my short experience of it so far I can quite easily see it becoming something that I want to overtake running which is going to be its own challenge.

I did a functional threshold power ramp test on the bike yesterday, I didn’t think that riding a bike watching a computer could put me in such a hole. My lungs were burning, I was a puddle of sweat. The way the FPT test works is that every minute it ups the watts until you cannot keep up the power anymore. It was so tough; I was gasping for air all over the shop.

Anyway, I am a data nerd. Along my trek to nock all these miles off, I will be recording all my stats so I can understand my journey. Here is a little screenshot of the dashboard I made to keep track of it.

I hope you look forward to joining me on my journey to 1560 miles. I most defiantly will be typing about it so strap in for the highs and the lows.




Ordinary guy, writing for fun and to challenge himself

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Ordinary guy, writing for fun and to challenge himself

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